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3.3 Fixed Size Data Mini Arrays

Fixed size data mini associative arrays record unstructured, fixed size data, by some indexing criterion.

For their unstructured data nature, the map/set distinction is superfluous. Data for one record is stored continuously.

Record data (data for one recorded item, that is) is stored internally, in data structure allocated memory.

Unlike the general use fixed size data associative arrays, the mini arrays are preallocated as they are fully contained in a memory block.

See Fixed Size Data Arrays.

The block is application allocated and its size may be selected in a specified range (a few bytes up to 1 << about 14). The data structure nodes use less memory over the general (capacity unbounded) arrays (for once, internal pointers are stored on about 14 bits).

The mini associative arrays are intended as a faster and lighter alternative to the general associative arrays.